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Fine Artist

   OKEEBA JUBALO is an American painter based in Atlanta, Georgia whose creations are centered on illuminating the undefined and sometimes bitter truths of people of African American descent.  He uses sketchy, yet vibrant and soulfully layered paint strokes with his original hand-written poetry. His infiltration of aged photos has become a prominent characteristic of his work.  His strong, in-your-face artistry invokes conversations that are seldom discussed in large social arenas.  

     Okeeba Jubalo has taken it upon himself to create a visual voice for those made invisible in America's social, economic and political infrastructure.  He draws his inspiration from his share cropping forefathers and experience.  His artwork is a reflection of his vision of his perspective on the struggle of today's African American.  


Religious, social and political subject matter drive the message of his artistry.  His artistic technique draws the audience into a visual history lesson that speaks to today's social landscape.  


     Okeeba Jubalo will continue to address some of the major concerns, issues and circumstances faced by African Americans from a socioeconomic standpoint.  By addressing the past, he hopes that conversations invoked by his artwork will lead to global positive actions, and educating African American youth about sacrifices made by his and her ancestors.  

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Born 03.10.1976

Charleston, South Carolina



Irmo High School 1993

Irmo, South Carolina

​The Art Institute of Atlanta 1996

Atlanta, Georgia 

The University of Louisville 2007

Louisville, Kentucky

Fine Art Exhibitions


ATLANTA: Our Home. Our Artists. Our Legacy.

(group) Feb 2020

Avation Cultural Arts Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo & Tisha Smith 

The New Masculinity Exhibition

Nov 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo


ATLANTA: Our Home. Our Artists. Our Legacy.

(group) Aug 2019

Juhl LV

Las Vegas, Nevada

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

ATLANTA: Our Home. Our Artists. Our Legacy.

(group) June 2019

The DC Jazz fest

Washington, D.C.

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

ATLANTA: Our Home. Our Artists. Our Legacy.

(group) Feb 2019

September Gray Art Gallery

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

NBAF 30th Anniversary Gala

(group) 2018

Atlanta, Georgia 


If Not Now...When?

@ September Gray Art Gallery

(group) 2018

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

The Dirty Dozen: Jim Crow Fantasies

@ Westside Cultural Arts Center (solo) 2017

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

The Dirty Dozen: American Tells

@ September Gray Art Gallery (solo) 2015

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

Visibility @ Bloomingdales (group) 2015

Atlanta, Georgia

The A-List @ The W Atlanta (group) 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

 Fine Art + Fashion (National Black Arts Festival)

@ Neiman Marcus (group) 2011 

Atlanta, Georgia


Return of The Kings @ Vaknin Gallery (group) 2008 

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo


Paint in The Pods @ The Sun Dial (group) 2008

Atlanta, Georgia

The A-List @ Renaissance Walk (group) 2008

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

Embrace: National Black Arts Festival (group) 2007

Atlanta, Georgia


Art Papers Art Auction @ Soho Myriad (group) 2007

Atlanta, Georgia

Words & Art @ Swan Coach House (group) 2001

Atlanta, Georgia

The Flame That Burned The Building Down

@ K Modern (solo) 2001

Atlanta, Georgia

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

Art Papers Auction (group) 2001

Atlanta, Georgia


Sketches @Swan Coach House (group) 2001

Atlanta, Georgia

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redeFINEd ART Campaign

Art Direction and Photos by OKEEBA JUBALO

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The Art of Entrepreneurship

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Community leader, artist and CEO, Okeeba Jubalo, is a visionary pioneer for the advancement of African American art and business in Atlanta. Jubalo has helped push the culture forward and create opportunities for others through his marketing and branding agency, NobleSol Art Group. His agency’s clients list has included The Morehouse College National Alumni Association and The Atlanta Dream along with many others. He has curated and been featured in a number of fine art exhibitions as well. 


Jubalo has over 25 years of experience in the art industry ranging from music, fine art, branding to graphic design. One of his most recent curated art exhibitions took place in Feb of 2020 at the Aviation Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jubalo founded NobleSol Art Group in 2002 with the intent to not only build his own personal brand, but to direct the branding process of other entrepreneurs. NobleSol Art Group created a voice for entrepreneurs by branding their businesses, which sparked Jubalo to create the national publication, Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine. This publication serves as an educational platform for entrepreneurs. 

One of the more recent components Jubalo created under the wing of NobleSol Art Group is the Wolfpack internship group. Whole heartedly endorsed by 8-time Emmy Award winning journalist, Maynard Eaton, the Wolfpack is designed for college students to develop real world professional skills and build upon career opportunities.

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The Wolf's Den HBCU Entrepreneur's Pitch Sweepstakes

Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine, Clark Atlanta University’s Department of Financial Literacy and Own The Vision teamed up to offer AUC students a chance at this amazing opportunity. More than just a pitch competition, the Wolf’s Den immersed participants into the ins and outs of the entrepreneurship journey. Participants had the opportunity to learn tips of the trade from successful business owners, and industry specific practitioners. 


On April 6, 2019 we kicked our sweepstakes off at the Atlanta University Center. Students from Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College and Morehouse College, had an opportunity to pitch for $5,000 in cash and prizes. Congratulations to our winner Leah Hernandez who is a graduating senior from Clark Atlanta University.



Video Producer, Editor & Director : Okeeba Jubalo Production Company : NobleSol Art Group @

Beat: Fat Steve Beat Music Production and Engineering : Okeeba Jubalo @

Music video by Okeeba Jubalo performing That BLACKNESS


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T H E   C U R A T O R

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