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July 16-19, 2020

Host: Cecile Green & Jasmine Wadsworth 



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The Wadsworth Reunion was established to celebrate the life of our foreparents. We promote this celebration by coming together biennially as a family to share in our family histories and stories. Through our established communication processes the Reunion shall maintain a liaison among all known family members to foster continued growth of this Family. 


Family Members and Dues 


All descendants of Scott and Harriet Wadsworth are considered to be members of the W adswoth Reunion Family. Family friends are welcome to participate in and promote the Family Reunion activities. 


Wadsworth Family Reunion dues are $20.00 per year per family. Dues may be sent to the Reunion Treasurer or paid at the reunion meeting. 



The designated officers of this organization shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, assistant Chaplain and Historian. All officers are elected during the current Family Reunion Meeting. The terms of office are two (2) years, there are no limits on the number of terms an officer may hold. 


Duties of the Officers 

Chairman - The Chairman shall preside over the Family Reunion Meeting, also initiate polices and procedures for consideration by the Wadsworth Reunion Family. The Chairman shall perform the duties customarily associated with this Office. 

Vice-Chairman - The Vice-Chairman shall serve as Chairperson of committee(s) set forth by the organization. The Vice-Chairman shall preside over the election of officers at the Reunion Meeting, also the Vice-Chairman shall Perform all the duties of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings and transactions of the Family Reunion and other meetings as designated by the Chairman. The Secretary shall prepare a typed copy of the Meeting Minutes for distribution within sixty days of the close of the Reunion Meeting. 

The Corresponding Secretary - The Corresponding Secretary shall received, document and disperse all correspondence received by the Family Reunion to the appropriate person(s) with a copy to the Chairman. The Corresponding Secretary shall assist the Secretary when appropriate and shall perform the duties of the Secretary in their absence. 


Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial transactions of the Family Reunion. The Treasurer shall document all receipts, expenditures and balances. The Treasurer shall present a formal report at the Reunion Meeting and make quarterly reports to the Chairman or as deemed necessary by the Chairman. In the absence of the Treasurer the Secretary and/or Corresponding Secretary shall assume the role of treasurer. The Treasurer shall prepare a typed report for distribution within ninety days of the close of the Reunion Meeting. 


Chaplain - The Chaplain shall conduct all devotional activities for the Family Reunion and serve the Family in other capacities as required. 

Assistant Chaplain - The Assistant Chaplain shall assist the Chaplain as required and shall assume the duties of the Chaplain in their absence. 

Historian - The Historian shall be responsible for receiving and documenting Wadsworth's Family historical information. The Historian shall present an overview of the Family's archives during the Reunion Meeting. 

Adopted: July 20, 1996 

Current Officers

Kat Brown
Erinn Harris
Jasmine Wadsworth
Toni Green

Committee Members

Cecile Green
Jasmine Wadsworth
Carla Long
Ron Stratten
Dawn Toler



In the beginning…

Scott Wadsworth (1837-1915) marries Harriet Young (1840- 1906)


Origin of the Family Reunion

The Wadsworth family reunion was founded by Odie- Wadsworth-Blackmon in 1958

The first Wadsworth reunion was held in Indianapolis at Bridwell Farm. It was through the foresight of Odie and the rest of the Wadsworth family that the reunion was established. In attendance were Lena Rankin of Shephard, Tennessee,

Lizzy and Johnny Streeter of Detroit, Michigan and he Wadsworth family and friends.


Odie always enjoyed visiting Tennessee and Alabama and all the relatives in those areas. Louise and Eunice were her special cousins. Whenever families came to Indianapolis she always had an outdoor picnic. This was a way for family members and friends to get together.


Family members came every summer Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, California, New York and other states. Some came to visit, and others were just passing through.


After Odie passed away, Rita Wadsworth- Cage took over the reunion responsibilities, feeling the need to continue the family get-togethers.


In 1972, the formal family reunion was resumed. The reunion was held in Indianapolis, Indiana at Northeast Way Park. Families from Ohio, California, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Nebraska and Indiana attended.


The second reunion was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee (1994) and has continued ever since with invitations from

other cities attending the reunion. It was voted to meet every two years instead of every year.

1994- Chattanooga, TN

1996- Minneapolis, MN

1998- Redondo Beach, CA

2000- Birmingham, AL

2002- Indianapolis, IN

2004- Philadelphia, PA

2006- Las Vegas, NV

2008- Omaha, NE

2010- Seattle, WA

2012- Chattanooga, TN

2014- Caribbean Cruise

2016- Detroit, MI

2018- San Francisco, CA

2020- Washington, DC

2022- Atlanta, GA

Wadsworth Family Song

(Sung to the tune of We Are Soldiers in the Army)

We are family- the Wadsworth family,

We’re bonded together- although we are far apart

The bond will hold- our families love together,

It will hold us- until we die.


We are family- the Wadsworth family,

We come together- on this reunion day.

To share our love- and be with one another.

We’re glad to be one- big family.

We are family- the Wadsworth family.

We stand up tall- and hold our heads up high.

Our hearts are filled- with precious memories

Of our Wadsworth family.


By Stella Williams


Wadsworth Family Prayer

Lord, years and years ago you planted our seed,

You chose Scott and Harriet for this giant tree.

With strong branches, blooming flowers and small leaves,

We are thankful to be part of the Wadsworth family tree.

You watched over us through the storm and the rain,

Generation to generation you helped lighten our pain.

You nurtured us with love, patience, and lots of sunshine,

We thank you Lord for you master mind.


We pray that we have grown in every way,

Truthful and straightforward through the years.

If by fate some failed on life’s highway,

You were always there to understand and forgive.


Dear Lord, in some kind way,

Let our dear ones in heaven smile with us today.

Without you Our Heavenly Father we would not be,

Because only God can make a tree. Amen.


By Stella Williams

Future Reunion 


Washington, D.C. 2020

Atlanta, GA 2022


Family Crest


Meeting Minutes

Wadsworth - Young Family Reunion Meeting Minutes

Reunion Dates July 19th to July 22nd 2018 in San Francisco, CA


Call to order

Meeting was called to order by James Wilder


Review & Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes from the 2016 reunion were read by Jessica Wadsworth and approved


Financial Report 

At this time, $1420 in account. $420 was carried over from Detroit and $500 to San Francisco committee. Toni stated there is a cushion for future reunions. 

Cecile stated dues are $20 per family, $10 for solo attending family, ages 75+ pay no dues. Dues will only be collected from family who attends reunion.

Payment options:

Make checks payable to: Wadsworth Family Reunion


Venmo: Toni-Green-1


Old Business/New Business

  1. Genealogy (Ron Stratten/Bridget Hughes)

Email: Strats1@sbcglobal.net

Address: 3751 VIA Picante La Mesa, CA 91941

-ancestry.com updates: Toni asked about membership for ancestry.com, Ron stated he will always keep it up to date. Treasurer pays registration, family is responsible for DNA tests if interested. For access as an editor, let Ron know so he can add you. 

-Toni brought family book from Indiana, Margie began books formally and family is appreciative of that. Jennifer asked how to get a copy, Ron stated we can make a copy. Toni stated she can make copies if information is given to her. Cecile volunteered to collect information. James suggested make copies and send to family to make corrections. Final outcome: give updates to Ron, Ron will give to Cecile to organize and give to Toni to print.


Historian Committee:

Sara Jane- Toni Green/Andrew Green

Wm. Addison Rankin - Angela Yohannes-Rankin

Mary Emma - Clarence Daniels

Eunice - James Wilder

Warren Hill - Wanda Cohill

Zachariah - Carla Long

B. Birth & Bereavement Committee (Carla Long)

Bereavement- Harriett (last name?), Stella Williams, Devon Ross, and Iola Wadsworth 

Births: Azra Aksoy, daughter of Jennifer Aksoy (Wadsworth) born in 2016

Carla stated she may be missing information since she is not on Facebook, please be sure to send information to her as it becomes available. 

Toni suggested we have a photo slideshow for D.C. reunion. Agreed on, email  photos to Toni, include birth, branch and death date for each photo sent. Allison agreed to put slideshow together. 

C. Scholarship Committee (Yvonne/Ann/Sheron)

-Current balance is $5,944.03. Received $1,100 is donations. Recipient this year was Amber Watkins who attends UCLA, majoring in Sociology and African American Studies. She is the daughter of Noreena Pugh and granddaughter or Wanda Cohill (Wadsworth).

-Arthur Green raffled a blanket for the scholarship during the reunion. A runner was also raffled, with funds going towards the scholarship. 

-Easier method of paying was also discussed. Zelle, PayPal..? Money is accepted year round and due May 1st, Sheron stated new application will reflect new due date. 

-James asked how many candidates and Sheron stated one for this cycle. 

-James was recognized by Jerome for always donating to the fund.

All Scholarship donations can be addressed to the following:

Helen Wadsworth Stratten Family Reunion Scholarship Fund

304 Green Meadow Road 

Indianapolis, IN 46229 

D. Communications (Erinn Harris)

No updates this year


E. Reunion Host Lessons Learned (Nicole Scott)

-Nicole Scott discussed how Helen Wadsworth dreamed of having a reunion in San Francisco and acknowledged the local committee. 

-Conference calls were weekly 

-Many paid registration early and reserved room at the same time.


-$500 seed money helps a lot

-Rooms were secured early by Yvonne

-Wanted branches to spend time together and mingle. The reunion was kmodeled after exploration days on cruises. 

-Yvonne stated the registration forms have too much information, sometimes people would put their own name instead of individually. Yvonne stated she will go over form to simplify. She also state until you host a reunion, you don’t appreciate the reunions, young people need to partner. She thanks family for coming to San Francisco. 


F. Speakers: Fred M. Green and Jennifer Aksoy (Wadsworth) discussed their careers.


Fred M. Green: 

Fred Green completed high school in 1960 and afterwards worked in a dining car on the train. Fred Douglas Green was his grandfather who married a Rankin so he is cousins 2 ways. He is an Engineer. Since he could not attend Alabama nor Auburn he moved to St. Paul Minnesota for school. Worked for 3M while attending school, it was a supportive environment and it took 5 years to get his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Told VP about experiences during interviews. Began working at Honeywell. Received his MBA from St. Thomas in St. Paul. Ran a plant for 3-4 years. Started a company, fell out with co-owner. At the time, only a few black owned companies of NASDAQ, his being one! Sold company. 


Lessons from Fred:

  1. Never underestimate competition

  2. Ownership is better than a salary

  3. When you see changed happening, get ahead and change it

  4. Know when to hold them and when to fold them


Jennifer Aksoy (Wadsworth):

Jennifer is on the Warren Hill Wadsworth branch. Grew up in Portland, OR. Went to college at UNLV, left after one year. Father told her about California Maritime Academy where she eventually graduated from. First job out was at Ports America in Oakland, CA. Was told she would not last 3 months 1. She was black and 2. She was a woman. She ended up staying 5 years. She works in vessel operations and logistics. Father suggested moving to Texas and now she managed Port of Houston. Toni asked why her field isn’t widely known to people of color. Herbert Wadsworth was asked to speak as well and discussed his education, experience and different fields in the maritime field. He is an engineer as well. 

G. Future Reunion Planning                                                    

2020 – Washington D. C. (Cecile Green and Jasmine Wadsworth)   

2022 – Atlanta, GA (Angie Brown)

2024 – Houston, TX (Jennifer Wadsworth and James Wilder)


Cecile Green and Jasmine Wadsworth discussed the Washington D.C. reunion. Toni stated we needed the dates ASAP. They stated July 16th-July 20th tentatively. Winifred suggested buddies for those who don’t do digital. Yvonne suggested an extension to the reunion and Toni suggested setting room block for 1 week and official reunion agenda for 4 days. 



Presided over by Andrew Green

Chair: Angie Brown – katabrown@comcast.net

V. President: Erinn Harris – erinnh785722@sbcglobal.net

Secretary: Jasmine Wadsworth —jasmine_wadsworth@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Toni Green – tonigreen20@gmail.com

Asst. Treasurer: Ceci Green – cgreen@gmail.com

Historian: Ron Stratten - strats1@sbcglobal.net

Asst. Historian: Nicole Wilson – 413nicole5@gmail.com

Chaplain: Randy Meriwether – happy1918.fm@gmail.com

Communications: Dawn Barnett – dstoler@ymail.com 

Communications  Asst. – Matthew Barnett



Adjourned the meeting at 11:00am

Minutes submitted by:  Jessica Wadsworth



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